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The Driving Force - S Anwar

Anwar started his career as a freelance journalist and photographer. His photographs have appeared in prestigious publications such as Business India, The Hindu, Institutional Investor, Outlook, The Week, India Today, Inside Outside, and India Today Plus. The Max Mueller Bhavan (Goethe Institute) in Chennai nominated Anwar as ‘Artist of the Month’ in December 1995. His photographs of dancers were exhibited at the Bhavan. He has also participated in a number of exhibitions.A deep interest in history and an awareness of the social issues of the day go hand-in-hand with Anwar’s aesthetic sense. This has helped him in the making of award- winning documentary films.

The many feathers in Anwar’s cap include photographing extensively for the book ‘Raj Bhavans of Tamil Nadu’, making a series of short films on the ‘Big Temple’ at Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, to commemorate the 1000th year of the construction of the temple (commissioned by the Archaeological Survey of India), and winning an international award for his documentary film ‘Yaadhum’ on the Tamil Muslims.

Having the advantage of being able to weave photography, film and design elements into communication strategy, Anwar has been associated with putting it all together for one of the top private engineering institutions in the country - the VIT University - for more than two decades. S. Anwar writes for various magazines and newspapers in Tamil and English on heritage, history and social issues. He is a regular columnist in a reputed English daily.


Just a month before participating in an international exhibition in Europe, Indian Monument Manufacturers Association (IMMA), a leading trade body in India faced an unexpected problem. Worried about the competitive Indian price and having to play by WTO rules, the competitors abroad had hit upon the idea of using non-tariff trade barriers to stop the Indians entering their market and hence started a mischievous propaganda casting aspersions on the Indian manufacturers. Within the little time left, we were asked to counter the mischievous propaganda, by filming in the actual locations and tell a story that reflected the prevailing truth. A week of travelling and filming around the interiors of the country, the well-made film was delivered to the client in two languages right on time. This ability to understand complex issues and act fast is one of our strengths.

One of our recent prestigious projects, a film on the 1,000 year old Big Temple at Thanjavur is a celebration of not just the temple but also technology. The film was shot in High Definition (HD), when the technology was just making its appearance and was translated into three languages. The entire project was designed to fit the touch screen mode It was one of our finest moments, where not only in-depth research but also latest technology was used to deliver a superior product.‘Yaadhum’ our recent film has been hailed by the film critics and viewers for the in-depth research, an interesting narrative and the aesthetics that has gone into the making of the 56-minute long film. International awards, clients with long standing relationship are testimony to our capabilities

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