About Us

           ‘Media Kombai’ specialises in making corporate films and documentary filmss. A deep understanding of history, awareness about the social issues of the day and a keen interest in Visual medium and backed by a strong team of professionals has enabled it to handle a diverse range of clients and subjects, from Corporate to Historical and Social documentaries.

Indian Monument Manufacturers Association (IMMA), Tata Relief Committee (on Tsunami rehabilitation), VIT University, Velammal International School, Seapol Logistics and Vaazhnthu Kaattuvom(Puthu Vaazhvu) are some of the institutions for which we have made promo films.

One of our prestigious projects was to make a series of short films on the ‘Big Temple at Thanjavur’. The project was commissioned by the ‘Archaeological Survey of India’ to commemorate the 1000th year celebrations of the Big Temple.

Our recent film ‘Yaadhum’ (ALL), a documentary that traces the unique history of Islam in South India, was featured in the prestigious Hindu Literary festival, 2014 and has been awarded as the Best documentary film for 2013 by ‘The Tamil Nadu Progressive Writers Cultural Association’. Yaadhum won the Bronze Remi in Ethnic /Cultural category at the 48th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival, USA, 2015.